Stick n Throttle is a vibrant international community, deeply rooted in the culture of aviation. We provide a stable, supportive and friendly environment for aviators at all levels. Pilots are empowered with focus on integrity, quality training, safe flying, passion and determination. Beyond it’s rigorous courses, Stick n Throttle prepares aviators to lead successful careers, including past time enthusiasts, and contribute to a positive experience with development of the aviation industry.


Stick n Throttle aspires to provide outstanding aviation training that will be known to the aviation community for its high quality, safety driven professional services offered.


Welcome you to Stick n Throttle Aviation. We are a flight training organization, specializing in conventional fixed wing pilot training. (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR GROUND SCHOOL)

Our scope of training includes;

Training syllabus has been approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), whom is the Regulator that ensures and monitors the training standards. All our flight instructors are highly qualified, with thousands of flying hours logged.

A full size equipped mock up procedural trainer is available on the premises. It is equipped with a regularly updated worldwide database of airfields, navigational aids, airspaces and terrain. Layout variations for instrumentation and avionics include the basic "six pack" and modern G1000 packages.

Stick n Throttle has state of the art ground school facilities and qualified instructors from within to conduct lectures. Ground school training in a group form is offered on a regular schedule.

Internal Mock examinations, under exam conditions is set up to ensure accurate outcomes before attempting the SACAA examinations.

We have a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) approved examination center, which is conveniently located at our operations center. Conducting of SACAA examinations for NPL, PPL, Night Rating, Restricted Radio License are approved.

PPL ground school

CPL ground school

Restricted Radio Licence course

PPL/NPL (Combined course)


Radio Course

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